Unexpected Freedom

Street Workout Place is open 24 hours every day. You have complete freedom when you want to train. And we also offer you undreamt-of possibilities for subsricption periods.

Professional Support

Our qualified street workout trainers, who have all been doing street workout for years, will give you professional support and first-hand tipps and tricks.

Unique Ambience

Street Workout Place brings the street indoors. Whether it's the street lighting or the fall protection floor, which is modelled on the street. Just like outdoors - simply without rain.

Street Workout Place: train street workout under best conditions!

Street Workout Place offers all the elements in in one Place to train street workout under the best conditions at any time.

Thanks to the large touch screen monitor on the training area, you will also get videos instructions for various street workout exercises outside the supervised times. Street Workout Place offers you the following:

  • Best trainings conditions for street workout
  • Professional supervision by qualified street workout trainers
  • Group trainings/workshops (classes) and personal training
  • Open 24 hours every day
  • Easy handling with personal member card for access, locker and consumption.

What members say about us

Dank dem super Figur-Training im „Place“ und der kompetenten Betreuung im Bereich Sport sowie Ernährung, konnte ich endlich mein Gewicht langfristig reduzieren.


Im Street Workout Place lerne ich diverse Special Moves (z.B. Human Flag) dank praktischen Tipps und Progressionen der Trainer.


Die coole Atmosphäre im „Place“ pusht einen immer wieder aufs Neue, um sich jedes Mal herauszufordern und sich zu verbessern.


Das Training im „Place“ hat mich bereits in den ersten drei Monaten weitergebracht als das jahrelange Gerätetraining.