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Now "gyms hop"

With the "Gymhopper advantage" you now have access to the largest network of fitness centres in Switzerland. With currently over 100 participating centres, there is always a training opportunity. A constantly updated overview of the participating partners can be found here.

All those who make a "MY SUCCESS" annual subscription have the opportunity to benefit from the "Gymhopper advantage" for on 30 CHF. Therefore, come to the "Place", purchase an annual subscription and train anywhere in Switzerland. For further information, please call 079 125 9000.

Du möchtest zuerst einmal schauen, ob dir Street Workout überhaupt gefällt? Kein Problem. Melde dich noch heute für ein trial-workout.



Further advantages of a membership with Street Workout Place


Improve you figure, learn special moves? You want to reach YOUR goals. Therefore we care for you individually.


You come by bike so you are warmed up right-away? There are parking spaces for your bike in front of the entrance.


Street Workout Place is open around the clock. You can train whenver it suits you best.


Whether vegan banana bread or zero carb protein drinks. As a member you always get your 10% member discount.


You enjoy training in groups? With your subscription you can participate in all Classes for free.

You can attend most of the Street Workout Place events free with you subscription. Exceptions will be communicated.


Whether you are going on a long business trip or simply enjoying a nice holiday, with us you can pause your subscription if you wish.


In the "Place" runs always the finest Old School Hip Hop music to your Street Workout - even in the middle of the night.


Street Workout Place is easily accessible by train. If you prefer the car, there are signposted parking spaces in front of the entrance.

Du bist interessiert, kennst aber den Sport „Street Workout“ zu wenig? Kein Problem, melde dich gleich für ein trial-workout. Du möchtest direkt mit einem Abo loslegen? Auch kein Problem => Online Shop

Special offer

Apprentices, pupils and students receive 20% off the annual subscription "MY SUCCESS"

Couples benefit from two annual "MY SUCCESS" subscriptions

Graduates of the Koch Driving School in Regensdorf receive a 150CHF voucher for annual "MY SUCCESS" subscription

Corporate clients, special conditions on request

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