Body transformation - reach your dream figure

BT_HintenBT_Vorne6 weeks that change your life

Most diets and cures take forever and the results are often modest, especially considering the long-term results.

With our body transformation you can watch how the depot fat melts and you can easily maintain your new target weight.

Reasons for the body transformtaion

The motivation why people do that body transformation is very different. In addition to detoxification and deacidification, intestinal cleansing is certainly also a recurring motive.

Main drive is however nearly always the dismantling of unpleasant depot fat and the better definition of the body.

My self-experiment (see also pictures)

Since I am very practical, I wanted to try this body transformation myself first to see ho it feels. I started after my vacation in Italy, stuffed with lasagne, pizza and tiramisu, with a weight of 83 kg and a body fat percentage of 13.8%.

Nach 3 Wochen Body Transformation hatte ich 8 kg weniger und den Fettanteil halbiert, d.h. ich wiege seither noch 75 kg und habe einen Fettanteil von 6.8 %. Ich fühle mich deutlich agiler und vitaler. Ein solch positive result !

Advantages of the body transformation

- no hunger feeling
- loss of depot fat, no structural grease (like from the face)
- rapid success can be followed
- no yoyo-effect thanks to the preservation of musculature
- long-term dietary change

Start now and make an appointment

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By the way, our body weight training supports the body transformation ideallay to achieve a better tightening of the skin on the one hand and to counteract the muscle loss on the other.

Hall of success

In the "Hall of Success" , other people who have successfully achieved their dream figure with body transformation are continuously shown:

Körpergewicht innert 42 Tagen um 9.9 kg und Körperfettanteil um 18.5 % reduziert.



Körperfettanteil innert 21 Tagen von 10.9 % auf 7.3 % reduziert.



Körpergewicht innert 42 Tagen um 10 % reduziert.



Körperfettanteil innert 21 Tagen um 23 % reduziert.