Let's Go - Now more than ever

Some of you have tried new things during the lockdown by Corona.

Many have also come into contact with body weight training and some have become really curious.

You may even have taken part in one of our countless live workouts on Instagram, but we couldn't cover every single one.

If you are among those who would like to try out the body weight training "Street Workout" under professional guidance and adapted to your level, book your free traial workout now here.

Try, start and dust off limited edition sungalsses

If you have completed a free trial training with us and you would like to start with Street Workout this summer, you will receive:

As a THANK YOU gift, a limited and stylish "Street Workout Place" sunglasses made out of walnut wood incl. spectacle case worth 59 CHF.

PLUS one month of annual subscription (13 instead of 12 mt.).

This special offer is valid for new customers until 25. September 2020 - we look forward to meeting you.

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