New subscription: "No more excuses" - personal coaching

Abo No More Excuses"I have already tried out many sports and nothing could inspire me in the long term."

"I've been on some diets and I've been gaining weight."

If this sounds familiar to you and you would like to change it once and for all, the new membership "No More Excuses" is just what you need:

- Together we define a 3-monthtarget for you

- We determine the necessary measures for this

- You do it disciplined or you get fired

Correctly red. You're out if you don't make it. Failing or even giving up are no longer options. Are you shocked now or even more motivated? You can get more information by calling 079 125 9000.

Gemeinsam kriegen wir es hin, du bekommst einen „Personal Coach“. Wir werden deinen Weg zum Ziel kontinuierlich verfolgen und dokumentieren. Hältst du durch, kannst du zurecht stolz auf dich sein! Reserviere gleich jetzt dein gratis Probe-Training:

Yes, let's do it!

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