Online Shop - Street Wokrout Place

Street Workout Place offers a variety of sports and nutritional services. For personal training packages, please select only the day for the first hour. You can then book your personal appointment direectly:



Trial-Training (1 h)
Simply try out the sport Street Workout free of charge under professional guidance and have fun.

Personal Training (1 h)
Book a private training for 120 CHF with us at the "Place", where your individual training goals can be worked towards.

Workshop leader (1 h)
With a group of up to 12 participants we will guide you through a previously discussed Street Workout topic (150 CHF).


Body Transformation - info (15 min)
Do you want to lose weight AND then keep it? In a free information session you can find out how this works for us.

Body Transformation - consultation & support (1 h 15 min)
You have already made up your mind and want to lose fat in th long term. This consultation includes a detailed initial discussion as well as support and fat measurements during the Body Transformation

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