Party-Lable: 24 hours


Use Our Bars – No Excusesstreet-workout-place-24-hours-every-friday-label

Under the party-lable "24 Hours Use Our Bars - No Excuses" our party series takes every second Friday in Regensdorf and transforms the Street Workout Place into a party location. At our party there are... alcohol, instead well-known drinks with plenty of protein. cigarettes, instead a little mist from the machine. bad sound, instead live performance by DJ CriPo. bored people, instead freestyle moves and training.

From 20:00 o'clock we start in each case. In the lounge you can chill and chat with friends. On the training area (bring separate shoes or in socks) it goes off and everyone can learn something new from one another. You can find the next date on our Facebookpage.


The entrance fee is 10 CHF. If you sign up on Facebook up to 48 hours before the event (Wednesday), you will automatically be on the friends list and receive a free drink when you join the event.

As a "Street Workout Place" member you get in for free. Trial trainings are not possible during this period. Entry is permitted from 18 years of age.

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