Wir bieten dir beste Trainingsbedingungen, um Street Workout jederzeit zu trainieren. Neben einer kompetenten Einführung, bieten wir darüber hinaus auch Gruppentrainings/Workshops (Classes) und Personal Training (hier buchen) an:



Personal Training

At Street Workout we use different forms of organisation of training such as "circuit training" or "around the world". Come by and find out more.

For our members

Lunch Classes (from 12am)

Classes (ab 18 bzw. 19 Uhr)


Standard Class (Dauer: 30 bzw. 60 Min)

In the standard classes you can really work yourself up. A street workout trainer will always take you to your limits with different training forms. You will always find new exercises.

Sweat & Chat

Unser neues Frauen-Training am Mittwochabend – von Frauen für Frauen. Selbstverständlich wird hier nicht weniger hart trainiert als in anderen Gruppentrainings, doch wird dazwischen auch gerne Mal ein guter Schwatz abgehalten 🙂

Ask the Coach

In this lesson you can challenge the present trainer with a challenge, look at current questions about the training or take part in a guided training sequence with some others and the coach.


A coordinated selection from different exercises is carried out in several rounds. The whole body is always trained, the pulse rate is raised and new exercises can always be discovered.

Around the World

This is a super strength-building workout that is always done with the same four exercises. Can you manage this world trip? If not, no problem. We always bring everyone home safely and next time it will work!

Super Slow

Dieses Gruppentraining bringt jede und jeden an seine/ihre persönliche Grenze. Hier ist Biss und Durchhaltewille gefragt. Für alle, die Schnell- und Explosivkraft verbessern möchten und ein ganz neues Level an zufriedener Erschöpfung erleben möchten.


The challenges come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are a real challenge not only physically but also mentally. Face the challenge and show what you are made of.

Party Workout

This is for those who want a change from the usual way of going out. From 19:30 DJ CriPo will be playing, there will be special drinks (non-alcoholic) and training. Non-members can also join in here. You can find furthere information here.

Abs & Booty

A workout focusing on the abs, legs and booty. Of course in pure street workout stlye.

Fun Rounds

The Training is carried out in different rounds, which, like courses, are peppered with various challenging exercises.


As the name suggests, let yourself be surprised. It is trained spontaneously and can include altmost everything in terms of exercises and training organisation.


In this training we try to reach the next level with a special form of execution (=> eccentric exercises).

Special Class (Dauer: 45 Min)

Bei den Special Classes konzentrieren wir uns auf Special Moves (z.B. Human Flag) und du erfährst, wie du diese erlernst. Ein Street Workout Trainer führt dich Schritt für Schritt an den entsprechenden Special Move hin.

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