Owner and Manager
Street Workout Place GmbH

- Street Workout Trainer
– Executive MBA HSG

His passion for the sport / lifestyle "Street Workout" is contagious. The joy of movement and the progress of each individual member is his greatest motivation.

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Street Workout Place GmbH

- Street Workout Trainer

Our Portuguese machine - power without end and incredible endurance. Always ready for a challenge, whether interval training or freestyle moves.

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Street Workout Place GmbH

- Street Workout Trainer
- Student at the University of Zurich (Biomedicine)

He discovered the sport "Street Workout" at the age of 16, which changed his life. For administrative matters he helps you competently with his Italian charm.


Street Workout Place GmbH

- Regression-Trainer

With a lot of empathy, competent background knowledge and practical experience, Patricia, mother of two guides you through the regression training "Mommy Workout„.


Trainer „Affen-Klasse“
Street Workout Place GmbH

– Semiprofessioneller Affe

Durch sein sonniges Gemüt wird das eigentlich strenge Training zum Kinderspiel und bereitet durch Schwingen, Hangeln und Springen viel Freude.


Yoga Teacher
Street Workout Place GmbH

- 200 h Yoga Alliance
- ACE Certified Personal Trainer

An unparalleled bundle of energy. With her lifestyle motto "in peace lies the strength" and plenty of experience, Sarah skillfully guides through the yoga session.


Trainerin Frauen-Training „Sweat & Chat“
Street Workout Place GmbH

– Street Workout Trainerin

Mit stets neuen Übungen sind ihre Workouts abwechslungsreich und fordernd. Selbstverständlich nicht auf den Mund gefallen fürs „Sweat & Chat“.


Street Workout Place GmbH

- Master of the "Awww"-effect

Meistens ist er relaxt und freut sich immer über Besuch im „Place“. Achtung: Es besteht akute Kuschelgefahr...

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