Our partner - David's Fitnessfood

Street Workout Place and David's Fitnessfood provide you with healthy and delicious food every day - at a 10% member discount.

Menus and snacks

David's Fitnessfood is a young company based in M√ľnchenstein (BL). They are specialised in freshly cooked menus with Swiss products and all this without preservatives or flavour enhancers - just like home-cooked. As with the menus, there is a wide range of snacks from delicious protein yoghurts to juicy beef sticks and handmade hummus.


David's Fitnessfood attaches great importance to top quality. This begins with the selection of the food, continues with the careful production and ends with chilled delivery.

Ordered from us today, ready to be picked up tomorrow in Regensdorf. No minimum order quantity, no shipping costs.

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