Our partner - Morotai

At the Street Workout Place you can always try on the latest Morotai clothes and get dressed - with 10% member discount.

Company and founder

Morotai is a young, German sports fashion company with distinctive design. Founder and designer Rafy Ahmed wanted to develop a sports brand that combines style and quality with maximum functionality. Rafy Ahmed, a Pakistani born and raised in Stuttgart, has always been a passionate sportsman. His vision is to simplify the lives of athletes, motivate them and create aesthetically pleasing sportswear.


Morotai selects high quality fabrics for their dresses to offer durability and the best quality. The production is located in the world capital for sporting goods Sialkot in Pakistan. Rafy Ahmed travels regularly to Sialkot to monitor production and to optimise processes (among other things). Morotai sources its products directly from the production halls - without intermediaries and middlemen.

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